• Date: 21 Apr 2012
  • Time: 15:00
  • Venue: Showroom Cinema
  • Ticket Price: £7.70 full price / £5.50 concessions
  • Telephone: 0114 275 7727
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Dirs. Neil Cantwell, Tim Grabham / UK, Japan / 2011 / 1hr 27mins / subtitled

A meditative journey taking in sounds and sights with three Japanese
musicians: Akinobu Tatsumi, a young Buddhist priest and custodian of a
temple outside of Kumamoto City who moonlights as a hip-hop DJ; Eri Fujii, who has devoted her life to the mastery of the sho, a rare and ancient Chinese bamboo wind instrument; and Akihiro Iitomi, a master of Noh theatre, a kotsuzumi drum player and self confessed jazz fiend. The filmmakers will be present at the screening.


KanZeOn Trailer from cinema iloobia on Vimeo.


Part of our Translating Culture programme strand.



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